Friday, October 31, 2014

Failed Ghost Hunter

Happy Halloween!

Why don't Ghosts Like Me? 

I believe in ghosts, but they don't like me
Why can’t we all get along?
What I want most
Is to see a real ghost
And then they can just move on

I'm a failed ghost hunter
I’m just no good
The spirits know that I’m a freak
I do what I should
To find them lurking
All I want is one little peek

From Williamsburg to the California shoreline
I’ve seen ghost shrines in a colonial town 
In San Diego
At the Coronado
I looked everywhere but they wouldn't come around

I watch the movies and I read the books
I take a look but I just don’t see
My spine won’t tingle
No bells will jingle
They must be hiding from the likes of me

(c) 2014 Renata Manzo

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