The Boardroom Blues


To the tune of Elton John's Teacher I Need You 

I  was sitting in the boardroom
Trying to look invisible
In case the VP looked at me
He was bald and he was mean
He’s a nightmare not a dream
And I know he has it in for me

He’s a prima donna diva
Pounding on the table
While his minions squirm and cringe
He’s the inspiration
For my constipation
And I want to throw a brick at him
Oh VP I loathe you
And I’m not alone
You make people hate to
Answer when you phone
You give me palpitations
And migraines, yes it’s true
I just want to come out and say
VP I, VP I, VP I, VP I loathe you

He loves his special parking
The free gas and the driver
Just to make sure he gets home
He gets a hotel suite
And a first class seat
Yet nothing’s in that gleaming dome

So I’m sitting in the boardroom
Watching while he sucks up
To the CEO and yet I know
He’s a first class jackass
And a blowhard fat ass   
And yet I’ll be the one to go

(c)  2014 Renata Manzo
Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is entirely coincidental

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