OMG! GoFundMe!

OMG, I just found out about Gofundme and similar sites.  Let me get this straight—people beg for money from complete strangers and use the money to pay for their college, vacations, IPods, etc. ? Why, so they don’t have to work for it themselves or live within their means?   That’s not charity; that’s laziness, pure and simple.
What’s worse, the strangers give them money!   It actually works!! 

Some of these requests are legitimate.  The ones that ask for money to help friends and family who have fallen on hard times or have huge medical bills to pay are awesome.   

Communities used to band together to help raise a barn or help a widow’s son (usually not a daughter) go to college.   This is a continuation of that tradition, but in a modern form using modern technology.     

For the rest of you slackers asking for money, get off your butts and get a job.   If you won’t get a job so you can buy yourself an Ipod for your birthday, then you don’t deserve to have one.    

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