I Got Laid in England

To the tune of "Made in England" by Elton John (of course)

I got laid in England; I did the rumpy pumpy
With a bloke I met who liked my strawberry creams
We cruised the Thames and saw a West End show
But the highlight of the trip was watching his John Thomas grow

I got laid in England, I dropped my knickers
For a cheeky bloke with a great twig and berries
There is more to England than the Queen and Abbey Road
I’m a sweet Georgia peach who lost her cherry, don’t you know

If you get laid in England, you’ll be glad you did it
Cause the blokes in England have such cute accents
They like a slap and tickle with us young and fit girls
Their teeth may be wonky but they sure can string some pearls

(c) 2014 Renata Manzo


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