The Devil Knows me by Name


I sold my soul to the highest bidder
I’ve hung in there ‘cause I ain’t no quitter
I’ve got a mortgage and bills to pay
I didn’t think there was any other way
To get what I wanted and still be true
Don’t knock it until you’ve seen the view

We all have to play the game
Some want money, some want fame
I wanted a life full of fun and games
Yes indeed, the devil knows me by name

I could have been a missionary
But I don’t care for dysentery
Besides, I like the finer things in life
Good schools for the kids
A fur coat for the wife
Vacations on the coast of France
A missionary’s life is not so grand

I know one day the bill will come due
The devil will call and I’ll be through
I’m beholden to his beck and call
I’m nothing but the devil’s moll

(c) Renata Manzo








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