The Boy From Lincolnshire


You’re an old man now
But when you were young
Your eyes pierced through me
I thought I was stung
You wrote the words
That set us on fire
From the heart of England
Across the wires
Came the boy from Lincolnshire

A four-eyed girl who sat by the wall
The boys looked through me
Didn’t see me at all
But my teen age blues had a cure
I had the boy from Lincolnshire
Bernie is on the left.  Isn't he adorable? Date unknown
Short in height
But long in stature
A simple man
A childlike creature
A story line
For us to share
With the boy from Lincolnshire

Some critics said
You were incoherent
The meanings they said
Were not apparent
But I understood  
What you meant to say
I listened at night
To keep my demons at bay

You’ve married often
You’ve married many
You’re not thirty
And I’m not twenty
But I still listen
While you get cross
And sit on the roof
And kick off the moss

(c) 2014 Renata Manzo


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